Our Story


Hipster. A subculture of men and women who are often seen wearing vintage and thrift store inspired clothing, high top shoes

and sporting thick rimmed glasses. They value independent thinking, have an appreciation for art, burst at the seams with creativity

and don’t follow the crowd, but are pioneers of the latest cultural trends and ideas.

Although we may not follow a Hipster’s unique fashion trends and wear braces with jeans to work, we believe in their way of

independent thinking. To be visionaries within our field of work and be those ‘in the know’, ahead of the norm across every project we work on.

From the television advertisements we produce through to our creative campaigns, photography, online branded content

and so much more…we don’t just cut through the noise, we make it.

It’s what we do.

Television Adverts

Our Birmingham based team have the knowledge and creativity in TV commercial productions to take your campaign from initial ideas through to planning, casting, filming, editing and clearance for television.

Branded Films

We develop full concepts and tell powerful stories based around your brand or business. Getting a message across is one thing, but delivering it in an emotive, engaging way is another.

Commercial Photography

From catalogue to billboard and everything in between, our photography team work closely with you and develop impactful, visionary stills campaigns that create instant brand recognition.

Creative Campaigns

Sometimes you want more than just a brand film or a package of high end photos. We take control of entire marketing budgets and generate full campaigns that include a range of advertising methods, guaranteed to reach out to your audience in the most affective way.

Social Media Adverts

Social Media is an ever increasing platform for engaging advertising. Our wealth of experience creating campaigns for some of the UK’s biggest names means we can work with you to create innovative online stories.

Cinema Adverts

Cinema is an immersive experience with audiences fully engaged to whats on screen from the minute they sit down. Films are all about stories, so why not have an engaging advertisement telling your own story between some of the biggest titles in Hollywood.

Our Partnered Facilities.



At the heart of Birmingham’s creative quarter, Zellig is home to some of the UKs most creative independent agencies and businesses. Not only is this the home to HIPSTER’s creative offices, we also have access to our own personal boutique cinema for client viewing and advertisement testing.



Located in the stunning Arthaus building near London Fields, Hackney, CHEAT is our partnered grading facility. Sporting three spacious purpose built grading suites with both calibrated projection and broadcast monitoring, the studios are home to large scale Netflix series through to blockbusters, advertisements and everything in between.



Based at Nottingham’s ‘Antenna Media Centre’, Spool is one of the UK’s finest Dolby approved post-houses. Sound and audio production facilities include custom built, fully sound proofed audio suites that have brought content to life for well known, reputable names such as the BBC, Channel 4 and Film 4.