Case Study - Police Lifestyle - HIPSTER.
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Case Study – Police Lifestyle

What we did and how we did it.
The Client

What The Brand Needed

Police Lifestyle were looking to launch their biggest ever television advertising campaign to date and wanted to produce a 10 second advertisement that would play out across the ITV network to showcase their new line of male wristwatches. The advert would broadcast at specific times and days to incorporate key shopping dates such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the run up to the christmas rush. They also wanted 30 second and a 60 second longer advertisements that would feature across their social media sites and be utilised on YouTube to an audience across Europe and the rest of the world.

The Challenge

What We Did

We believed that we could produce a television advertisement that would suit the brands image and then produce longer versions of the same advert to use across the online and social media platforms. We wanted to think of a concept that would stand out in comparison to others and increase company sales on the run up to christmas, especially on the key shopping dates such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As well as making people aware of the new products, we thought that it was just as important to make sure people were made aware of Police and their unique brand image.

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First Step

Brainstorming & Idea Generation

With the brands marketing objectives in mind, our creative team began to explore concepts and look into different ideas that would portray exactly what it is that Police Watches are all about. The brief was to come up with an advertisement that would be attractive to males between the ages of 15 – 25. Police are all about being perceived as an urban brand and wanted to produce content that would utilise this as well as showcasing their new line of watches. After generating several unique concepts, we decided to focus on a free running style advertisement and thought that using a male parkour subject would be a great way to showcase this.

Second Step

Sketching, Storyboards & Planning

So with our shiny new idea in mind, the next step was to begin sketching out some visuals and producing storyboards to see if the concept is actually viable and easy enough for us to shoot. Our team began getting some mood boards together and sketching out some ideas that would make up the look and feel of the advert. What is it that our male subject will wear? What do we want him to look like? We knew that to utilise the urban feel, we would have to shoot in a city. However, the issue we found is that many city backstreets can look a little grimy and unattractive. Although we wanted urban, we also wanted the ad to look very clean cut and feature some interesting colours that would compliment the watches. So that is when we viewed and decided upon The Custard Factory in Digbeth, Birmingham.

Third Step

Video Shooting & Editing

After the storyboards and locations had been approved, risk assessments had been produced, crew had been selected, equipment had been chosen, our model had been secured and all of the other parts of pre-production were in place, the next step was to shoot and edit our advertisement. We had one day to capture all elements for our advertisement and with the weather looking dull, we were prepared for the heavens to open. However, it held off and our team worked through the shot lists together and captured some amazing content for the advert. So then we are into the edit and our team started the very next morning on piecing the content together. Using our original storyboards as a guide and keeping the marketing objectives in mind, the key was to use as many powerful shots as possible as well as maintaining the overall message of the advert…all in the 10 second advertisement time slot. Music, footage, correct colour grade, graphics, voice over and text…the advert was ready for first stage approval.

Fourth Step

Clearance, Delivery & Broadcast

So we have our finalised advert, the client thinks it is amazing and exactly to brief, so what do we do next? All advertisements have to be approved first by companies such as Clearcast and then loaded onto servers ready for broadcast following certain specifications by other companies such as Adstream. This is to check that the advert is framed properly, no titles have been cut off, the advert will show properly on all televisions, the audio levels are not too loud, there isn’t anything included that wasn’t in the original approved storyboard, you are not showing any products in the advert that aren’t actually for sale which in this instance would be any watches, and finally you aren’t using too many repetitive images that could potentially cause problems for people with photosensitive epilepsy. After all of this has been approved, your advert is given the green light and successfully loaded onto the servers ready for broadcast. So all that is left to do then is sit back and wait to see the final creation on television…which in this instance was between The X Factor and I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here on the run up to christmas.