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By no means has January been a slow starter for the team here at Hipster. It’s not uncommon for marketing agencies to find themselves scratching there heads at times during the first couple of months of the year. With projects in the initial proposal stages and new marketing budgets coming in at the end of March, we too found ourselves stuck in a bit of a rut this time last year. We are very grateful however, to the wonderful team at Worcester Bosch for making 2017 start on a high, getting camera gear out in the field (and skies) and not just sitting on shelves gathering dust.

At the end of 2016 as we were ready to wind down for the festive fun, we were approached to produce internal film content for the boiler giant, ready to go out at a conference during the end of January…which in fact happened to be three evenings ago. After selling a HUGE amount of boilers throughout the last twelve months…and we really do mean a huge amount, they wanted to celebrate a little and planned to start the annual conference off with a bang this year, using super powerful BMW GTS race cars to show how they really have ‘accelerated’ past their competition…so thats what we did!

Day 1 – Palmer Sport, Bedford. We were greeted by a fantastic team who swiftly took all twelve of us inside, out of the dull, typically British January rain and straight into our ‘toy shop’, a gigantic, almost aircraft hanger sized workshop filled with all the magnificent cars and toys that you can ever dream of. Instantly, as you can imagine, the thought of having soggy feet that echoed squelching noises throughout the entire vicinity instantly disappeared, as we stood mesmerised by the, almost James Bond type workshop, waiting to be given our vehicle for the day. When Palmers version of ‘Q’ did make an appearance, it was with a set of keys to a beautiful BMW M4 GTS, sitting proud in the corner waiting to be unleashed, so of course we were keen to get out on the track and see what it could do.

Knowing that it could only be driven by a professional driver was something that really bothered us throughout the entire day, but of course it was time to put all of that behind us and do what we set out to do that day, create a serious bit of content…and we had brought along our own little toy shop to do just that. Two Arri Alexa Minis, Land Rover filming vehicles, a fleet of Sony a7s internal car cameras and one of the biggest drones that we have ever seen were all on the checklist…and boy did we have some fun!

Now because this content is all internal film, we are very sadly unable to share the final piece with you due to the information within being very private. However, we will soon be releasing a short montage of just some of the finest clips that we captured that day. Keep an eye on our Vimeo channel for that over the next few days. 

Here are some behind the scenes images from our fun at Palmer Sport to see life on set with the team here at Hipster.

Day 2 – Millbrook Proving Ground. One of the largest vehicle testing centres in Europe and our home for the next full days worth of filming. After getting into the swing of things with the crew on day one, we knew we had to up our game for day two with almost twice as much content to capture…in the same amount of time. With almost 50 Worcester Bosch staff on site from locations all across the United Kingdom as well as a bespoke made track just for this second film, it was our time to shine.

Film Summary: The purpose of the film was to show the coming together of all the main Worcester Bosch team as they headed on a journey across the country and finished up at a final destination, the location of the conference that this film was to play out at. Again, we are unfortunately unable to speak in any more detail at this time…but we hope to release the film to you within coming days!

Here are some behind the scenes images from the magic we made at Millbrook.

So there you have it. With one very happy client and some amazing content under our belts, we have started off 2017 with a bang and can’t wait to start working on our next project over coming weeks! We would also like to say a big thank you to Palmer Sport and Millbrook Proving Ground for being so accommodating with this production as well as the team at Upper Cut Productions, Nottingham for their astonishing drone and aerial work that we feel really brought this project to life.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to us more about how we could be bringing our crew and film toy shop to work on your next campaign, please get in touch anytime via our website contact page or email

  • Jake, Director – Hipster x 
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