8 Marketing Campaigns That Stuck

8 Marketing Campaigns That Stuck

The world is diluted with advertising campaign after advertising campaign. From film, PR Stunts, photography or even social media, we are exposed to it now more than ever and often without realising. Due to there being so many, it takes an awful lot for the real gems to shine through and make an impact in todays society.

We wanted to write this article to share eight of our favourite advertisements and showcase brands that have focused directly on the story and not the sale.

1. Dove – Real Beauty Sketches​

Dove’s Real Beauty Sketches is an advertisement that has been around now for a good few years. Following a story is right at the heart of this campaign and doesn’t necessarily mention the brand until the very end of the content…something that we feel is a powerful structure when promoting an already reputable brand. People are sold on stories and with over 65 million views on YouTube alone, we can certainly see that it’s a powerful one.

2. Crimestoppers – Human Trafficking 

Crimestoppers very much opened our eyes when we saw this campaign back in 2013, mainly because of the way it’s structured. They wanted to connect with an audience and by thinking in a very different way, did so by giving the viewer decisions to decide how the story unfolds. Do you save someone, or let them go. As you can imagine, people continued to explore the different options and alternative endings, meaning that they spent more that double the time with this campaign than they would on a normal advert. Clever.

3. Always – #LikeAGirl

Similar to Dove, Always love to tell a story and don’t necessarily focus directly on a sale. They are all about visions, values and in their case, showing how women are just as good and equal to men. They combine empowering messages with realistic – opposed to idealistic – portrayals of their target audience, thus making the content very relatable. The use of behind the scenes imagery in this piece also adds to the realism of this ad and aims to take us away from the fake, very staged content we are so used to seeing. Their #LikeAGirl title is used to make you sit up and listen…and it certainly does. Going on to win an Emmy and a Cannes Grand Prix Award, this ad will always be up there as one of our favourites.

4. TNT – We Know Drama

One word…MADNESS! PR Stunts are always a favourite when trying to, quite literally, create some drama and get people shouting about your brand. For those of you that may not realise, this is for a Belgium TV channel called TNT and is nothing to do with TNT courier service. With over 50 million YouTube views, it’s one that screams popularity and it would be very difficult to see why not. Although this campaign is dramatic, that is in fact the entire message they want to convey. After all, what would a drama channel be if they didn’t go crazy and actually create some real drama of their own.

5. Evian – Roller Babies 

Funky, Fun…and a little bit weird. We always remember the first time this advertisement hit our screens coming up to almost ten years ago now. It’s extremely high popularity after it’s release was something that sent Evian rollerskating their way into the Guinness Book of Records for the most viewed online ad of all time. Quite an achievement for such a young cast. But enough of the babies, the ‘Live Young’ campaign conveyed a powerful message about the water giant and “played the role of a positive spur in a depressed market” according to the man behind the ad, Rémi Babinet.

6. Barclaycard – Contactless Payment ‘Waterslide’ Ad

This is a classic and potentially a very high budget one at that. Around the year 2008, advertising was a little bit dull and budgets weren’t all that high…at least to my knowledge of that time. Yet this is one that always stuck with me. Barclaycard’s waterslide advertisement combined flawless visuals with high end CGI…and a man in a pair of tightly fitted swimming trunks. The reason we love this ad isn’t actually just because of the content itself. We admire the team for the brilliant, quick thinking campaign that they built around it. Due to the ads instant popularity, they created ‘Waterslide Extreme’, an iPhone app which allowed players to slide their way through the city in a similar fashion to their TV ad. The result? The number one free iPhone application in 57 countries. Genius.

7. Tipp-Ex – Hunter Shoots a Bear 

This is less of an ad, and more of a genius game, campaign and overall huge success. One so huge in fact that it will go down in history as one of the most popular marketing strategies ever. We wanted to share a summary video with you rather than the actual ad itself because the results it received were staggering. If you want to find the actual ads, there are still bits out there on YouTube that can be viewed, but they are now a little scattered due to the age of this campaign.

In 100 Days, the campaign received over 35.5 million views, hit 217 countries and had over 380,000 shares on FaceBook and Twitter. With a single campaign, Tipp-Ex became one of the top ten branded channels on YouTube…and that is why we love the power of visual advertising.

8. BMW Films – The Hire Series & The Escape

Last, but certainly not least is the monumental campaign that has been run by BMW Films over the past decade. The example above is just one in a series of many ads that have been used to promote the new cars from luxury vehicle manufacturer, BMW. The content is less about advertisements and more about short films all around the 10 minute mark to be exact. Featuring ‘A List’ celebrities as the cast such as Clive Owen and using worldwide famous Hollywood directors is certainly a way to get your message across.

So what is that message? It’s all about showcasing the performance of various different BMW automobiles and shifting peoples mentality away from the physical sale and again more towards the story. It screams BMW Values and Vision throughout and focuses on subliminally selling people into a product because, well, it’s BMW and these ads are COOL!

To Takeaway

The key is to convey important marketing messages in a way that doesn’t make the decision feel forced towards an audience. Sell people into a product and relate to them through the use of storytelling. By doing so, you are not intimidating people but are making more of a personal connection and at the same time, delighting people, not boring them. That is then when we feel you will start to see some serious results.

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