“Fast Film vs Gourmet Film”

Fast Film vs Gourmet Film

I’m going to start this blog with an analogy.

Imagine you’re craving a burger and you have two different options available. You can go to a fast food joint and get a £2 burger (probably with chips) or you can go to a nice restaurant and sit down to a burger for around £8.00. On the surface of things, the end product is the same and you have fulfilled your need of wanting a burger. Job done. Two restaurants, both serving the same produce, but with very different aims and ambitions.


If you look into things deeper, it’s a lot more than that and it’s these things that reflect on the price difference. The fast food restaurant will use the cheapest “meat” and potentially treat animals inhumanely, pay their workforce as low as they can and bring you an end product that has been proved to hardly be even classed as food. The reputable ‘Gourmet’ restaurant on the other hand will use organically grown produce, used the nicest cuts of meat they can afford, pay staff and chef wages fairly, serve it to you in a nicer way and make the whole experience, for everyone, a much more enjoyable one.

My Point? 

Yes I am no food industry expert and don’t know all of the ins and outs…I have no reason to…but we all understand the basics. For me, advertising and film production is exactly the same. Okay so you don’t consume an advert, or at least not orally, but on the surface of things, if a client has a decision to make upon which company they want to go with to produce their content and both are offering the same end product but there’s a vast price difference, then that is for a reason.



Before our ventures with Hipster, both Ryan and I worked as freelancers for a range of different production companies and we were increasingly becoming a little bit tired with people offering us our rock bottom rates as well as wanting us to work for as long as possible. This is still the case today with some companies and is in fact the actual reason as to why we started this company in the first place.

Above and Beyond

Taking all of our previous experiences on board, we wanted to create a company with different visions and values.

So what are these? 

We believe in investing in people and empowering our team. To us, that is a greater benefit than making our company pockets deeper. A solid reputation is built by offering the best value for money. Not just to a client but also to the crew who are the working force of bringing your visions to life. Without them, a film or advertisement won’t happen.

Investing in people by paying them generously, giving them plenty of travel expenses and offering extras that you don’t have to such as nice meals (not the £2 McDonalds ones) mean you guarantee a much happier crew who are willing to go out of their way for you even more than they would for others…meaning they feel like this:



It also goes further than just on a crew level. Using higher levels of camera kit, having contingencies for additional client meetings where necessary, briefing everyone involved with a production thoroughly before shooting and going above and beyond the ‘norm’ are all things that, quite frankly, will stump your profits. But they count and are things we embrace each and every day.

These points are things that sometimes the client side of the advertising world don’t always realise when just looking at the initial price bracket. Just remember, larger price isn’t larger profit.

We want to continue to be the ‘gourmet’ version of the film and advertising industry, sticking to our strong morals throughout the production process and maintaining a mentality of never being the cheapest, but always being the best…for everyone.

Jake Barrett | Hipster x 


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