“Corporate Video”, No. “Brand Film”, Yes.

Corporate video. Words that have been officially banned in the HIPSTER office, with the exception of writing this blog.

“Why?” I hear you ask. Well, because quite simply, that’s just not us. Not only is the word “corporate” incredibly dull and uncreative in itself, but it completely takes us away from the vision that we have. To us, corporate leads to the impression of being quite serious, reminds us of businessmen in suits looking at figures and graphs all day, and therefore sales.

We believe that to make a successful campaign, you need to sell people on the story, not just the product. Therefore, creativity is always number one and we want to sell people a dream, all based around a companies brand and their values. With that said, we swap the word “Corporate” for “Brand”.

Next, onto the second word we hate and that is “video”. What are the main differences that spring to mind the minute you mention the difference between “video” and “film”. To us, film is quality content produced to a much higher standard. So, we say out with the cheesy music, pull-focus transitions and quick zooms, replacing them with high quality filmmaking, managed by some of the countries finest camera teams and crew. Goodbye to the word “video” and hello to our brand new term, “Brand Film”.


So, you want to see some examples of high end “brand film” content? Well, let us show you with some of our favourite pieces.

1. Volvo – Human Made 

Okay so maybe this one did have partial music produced by Hans Zimmer, but the way that the content has been shot is something that we like to replicate and work towards here at HIPSTER.

2. GE Capital – Rocket Science

How do you take a potentially boring subject and turn it into something interesting and memorable? The answer is a wealth of sound effects, high quality filming and a strong, brand film creative.

3. Doc2Doc – S.O.S

‘We really want text on screen’ is something we hear regularly from clients. Again, to us this is a ‘corporate video’ way of doing things. Not to mention it completely distracts viewers and takes them away from important things people may be saying in an on-screen interview. So, how do you use text in a visually pleasing manner? Well, this is how.

4. Lincoln – That’s Continental | Crafted

Okay, so this one is a little bit of a random one, but sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. This advert is smooth, stylish and sophisticated, and we don’t just mean Matthew McConaughey.

So there you have it. Brand film ideas flood out of our minds on a daily basis here at HIPSTER. We have plenty more examples we could show you, but most importantly we have a thirst for building powerful brands and connecting an audience with a brand in the most effective ways possible. Want to know what we could be doing for you?

Contact a member of our creative team anytime and let’s talk “Brand Film”.

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